Records of wildlife, even of common plants or animals, are really useful. Nobody can recognise everything – you may find the links to identification web pages useful.

Use these links to pass on records of wildlife you have seen, directly to local or national recording schemes. If it is something less than common, or if you would like some help, please contact us at Kineton Wildlife Group (kinetonwildlife at – use @ instead of ‘at’).

Important information for wildlife records: Date, Place, Ordnance Survey grid reference (click here for a quick grid reference finder on the Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire website), Species name, Name of recorder. Other notes can be useful too (eg for birds – if they are nesting etc).

British Trust for Ornithology – for bird records – also really good for finding out which birds you might see in a particular area.  Well worth setting up a free account.

Also with the BTO is Garden BirdWatch, a weekly bird survey of your garden, which can be done on paper or online.  Very relaxing to spend an hour a week watching and recording birds – and interesting too.

Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire – for butterfly and moth records – very quick and easy.

Plant records can be sent to johnwalton46 at (use @ instead of ‘at’), the Warwickshire plant recorder for the Botanical Society of the British Isles.  If you are keen, he will send you an Excel spreadsheet for all your records!

Any other records can be emailed to the Warwickshire Biological Records Centre

If you want to find out what species have been recorded before, the National Biodiversity Network Gateway is a fascinating site to investigate – you can zoom in on a map of the UK, right down to Kineton, and can often even find out who recorded plants or animals in Warwickshire in the past!  But it only shows plants and animals that people have recorded, and very often people don’t record things that are common, so it can seem that some things are rarer than they truly are.

So off you go – make some records and pass them on!


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