Not Swansea… Edge Hill!

Clouds of Bird’s-foot Trefoil can currently be seen in the meadow rising from Radway to The Castle Inn. This yellow vetch has many localised names – Bacon and Eggs is one, Tom Thumb is another!

Seen dusky Small Blue butterflies near Combrook, and then their solitary individual eggs (tiny!) within the flower heads of the Kidney Vetch, on the banks of the Ettington by-pass cutting. Habitat management work by Butterfly Conservation is starting to pay dividends.

Two fine red kites over the hay cutting at Lodge Farm around 2.30 this afternoon. Parked up to watch them glide, swoop and gently dive over the tractor whilst three or four gulls followed behind and a buzzard kept watch at the far side of the field.
It will be worth looking out for them over the next few days!

Stayed up through the night… it was worth it to listen to the dawn chorus at 4am! A sparkly blue sky appeared by half-four and by five I’d had enough of the political banter. A loud noise outside caught my attention – so loud I thought it could have been someone trying to break a fence down. The culprit was a song thrush, merrily swinging snails to smash them against a sheet of corrugated iron. Inspection shows this must be a regular breakfast ceremony and perhaps the noise has been enough to scare away the grass snakes which used to rest and gather body heat under the metal.