Flower photos in this gallery are arranged approximately in order of colour: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple/pink, white. There is also a list in alphabetical order here of all the plants recorded on the school field.  We will gradually add more photographs – here are a few to get you started.

Hover over the pictures using your mouse/cursor to find out what they are called – after a second or so for the text will appear.  Some pictures also have links to other photographs of leaves or seeds (click to view them and use your ‘back’ button or backspace key to return to this page).

This poppy has long seed-capsules (inside the petals, not visible in this picture) not rounded ones, and the hairs at the top of the flower stalk lie flat, not sticking out.

Another name for this plant is ‘Bacon and Eggs’, because often some of the flowers are reddish-orange, a bit like bacon amongst the egg-yellow other flowers.

Flower-heads about 5mm across.  The end of the leaflet main vein has a teeny-weeny point (easier to see with a hand-lens).

‘Hoary’ refers to the white hairs on the leaves, like hoar frost.

Tiny pink flowers and rough creeping stems.

Very cheerful-looking flowers!

This is in the pea family, just like Black Medick (tiny yellow flowers in the background of this picture) and Bird’s-foot Trefoil. The flowers smell of honey and bees love them!

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