Flapping and hopping

The moth trap was running on Banbury Street for the weekly Garden Moth Survey last night (they were released again at dusk, safe from the birds).  Result – 92 moths of almost 50 different species.  Pink and khaki huge Elephant Hawkmoths are always wonderful to see.  A frog had hopped into one of the plant-pots (it’s a foot high, so a big hop) and another smaller one managed to sneak into the house while I was looking at moths in the garden.  Luckily I noticed it, and it wasn’t trapped indoors all night.

The white moth is a Clouded Silver – lovely delicate things.  There were half a dozen Garden Grass Veneers, tiny green-eyed dragon-like beasties.  The final one, a rather poor photo of a rather dull moth, was only the fourth record of this species in Warwickshire – Spindle Knot-horn (Nephopterix angustella) – I’ve had three of them now.  Must be living in the spindle in the hedges along Banbury Road.


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  1. Good to hear your moth news. You seem to be getting much more variety of species than me – maybe proximity to the river, osiers, damp ground and the allotments? Highlights for us have been the hawk moths (but no lime this year), drinker, leopard and the lovely ruby tiger. Also, hummingbird hawk moths were in the garden every day until last week and I’ve logged a few sightings on the Butterfly Conservation web page. Butterfly highlight has got to be my first purple emperor!

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