Give us a wink

A 6.40am start this morning, over the Lighthorne Road towards the Fosse Way…
“Is that a barn owl?” “Whereabouts?” “There, over there, on the other road!” …
We turned right up towards the Film Archive store (not everyone knows about that!) and the owl drifted alongside us for five full minutes as we slowly cruised at, oh, maybe a full 3 mph. Sometimes it looked at us, sometimes we put the window down for a better look, sometimes it flew slowly in front of us, and, once or twice I’m sure it gave us a wink. And it dipped down half a dozen times for a tasty winter morsel in the buffer of long grass between the road and the field – thank you for that, Mr Farmer!
Pure magic and when I came back 40 minutes later I felt a bit like that boy in the snowman film… it was now broad daylight but our secret friend had (quite literally) drifted away.


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