Ferreting around


P1060733It’s February 1st, so I suppose it really is time the Christmas tree came down…

Just taking the last bits outside when I stumbled (quite literally) on a ferret sniffing at the front door! Ferocious looking claws but otherwise quite friendly – until it made a dash inside to seek cover beneath some bookshelves! Thankfully it was quite receptive to a large cardboard box and the RSPCA were called as part of an inter-county rescue mission… they came all the way from Worcester! I’m sure they must have had one or two other calls along the way.

The ferret seemed semi-domesticated (but so was Basil Fawlty’s rat) and the RSPCA put up a ‘lost and found’ poster in the village.

At first I had wondered whether it was a polecat – these are about and I found a dead (squashed) one just at the top of Friz Hill a couple of years ago.


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