As big as a bat… at last… Red Underwing

P1060573Put the new moth trap on last night – a warmish cloudy evening usually provides the best conditions.

As soon as it was turned on it was obvious something special had being attracted to the light – spiralling down towards the trap was something as big as a small bat with beautiful red, white and black patterning to its floodlit undersides. It chose to nestle in grass to begin with, making for easy capture… a red underwing. Almost as big as a hawk moth and just as attractive (once it open its wings!). At last – this is a new moth in the garden and only the third time I’ve seen one up close.

The first one I ever saw was battering against the inside of an office window. I immediately stopped the meeting and announced I’d waited years to see one of these. Some folk were a little bewildered, but at least they had a chance to go to the loo whilst I nestled it carefully in the palm of my hand!


PS – National Moth Night spans three nights this year… and starts tomorrow!


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