Now it’s the Painted Lady

Butterfly Conservation are also tracking the Painted Lady butterfly this year under the Migrant Watch section of their website, and following yesterday’s Hummingbird Hawk Moth, a Painted Lady duly arrived today – once again landing on the valerian.

There have been a number of local sightings this week – Bidford, Stratford, etc – but the most northerly so far are up near Dundee and out on the Isle of Islay (normally better known for its birds than its butterflies!). These will have been motoring north at some speed since arriving over the channel a few short weeks ago. My first sighting this year was on 29 May near Strumble Head in Pembrokeshire.

Will it be a classic mass migration year? The last one was in 2009 and there have been relatively few Painted Ladies since then. Keep a look out.



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