Mist and mellow fruitfulness

The dreary days of August (from a wildlife point of view!) are now well and truly over and the warm days of September have encouraged a burst of life…

The blackberries will be at their best soon – the juiciest ones so far have been over at Napton – and the hips and haws are dangling like early Xmas decorations. The swallows are hanging on, and so are the butterflies – speckled wood, peacock, red admiral, small tortoiseshell, comma, the odd brimstone, but very few holly blues. Also hanging on is the very last buddleia bush in the revamped old playground at the doctor’s surgery! Our neighbourly heron is maing quite a squawk and is frequently mobbed by crows, jackdaws and the odd buzzard. Nuthatches are common and their high-pitched call can be heard at the top of the trees before they dart like plump torpedoes from one garden to the next. Wrens flit and magpies squabble – all getting ready for the colder months to come. Dragonflies seem to have had an excellent summer in Kineton (and elsewhere) but I never seem to have enough time to properly dip into our specialist field guide!


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