A load of bull

Everything becomes so quiet by the end of July – although there are plenty of butterflies and beetles, the birds have flown to the fields in search of seeds and insects.

But maybe it was a bit of rain that brought a flurry of activity this morning. First up was a family of blue tits, then a couple of young blackbirds, a fine song thrush (first in ages) and, to cap it all, right by the back door, a male bullfinch and its immature companion. Bright dazzling red with the usual jet black head, but the young one was mostly grey and didn’t seem too sure on its movements as it picked at seedheads. Look out for bullfinches in the hedges around the edge of the village – often they will flit in front of you as you walk or cycle along. Unmistakeable.

Then came the nuthatch – whistling away all day in the treetops, whilst it was noise of a different kind tonight – two hedgehogs snorting and sniffing under some ivy and then keen to take some of the special nuggets we put out for them. Chomp, crunch, chomp.


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