Gooseberry fool

A quick dash this afternoon up to the PYO to gather some fresh juicy gooseberries… after I’d filled a few punnets I was sure I’d spotted a Marbled White fluttering at the end of the raspberry run. I dashed down the grassy aisle, gooseberries bouncing like some sort of green hailstorm, and was able to clearly identify its distinctive black and white markings. (There were also plenty on the wing south of Stow on the Wold on Monday, plus Small Skippers, Ringlets, Common Blues and lots and lots of Small Torts – seems like they are on the road to recovery?).


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  1. Nice sighting! I haven’t seen a marbled white in Kineton yet. Had a ringlet, red admiral and small tortoiseshell in the garden yesterday though – first time I’ve seen a ringlet in the garden. Also a blue-tailed damselfly and several azure damselflies and lots of harlequin ladybirds just hatching out, and two 14-spot ladybird larvae. A good day for bugs. 🙂

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