Snakes and ladders (and toads as well)

IMG_6753IMG_6771IMG_6759IMG_6754Spent half the morning up step ladders, then it was back to good old cutting and chopping…

A large toad crawled out of the compost heap when I moved a few spadefuls of moist leaves, and I later spotted a beautiful baby grass snake when reaching down to prune back some cow parsley. It must just have hatched (they don’t come much smaller than this) and was maybe the result of leaving a few piles of leaves and lawn cuttings under the trees – ideal conditions for egg laying.

Earlier in the day I found a larger grass snake (though not full grown) basking under some corrugated iron – we put a couple of sheets down four years ago and the snakes certainly enjoy them, particularly when the weather is hot and sunny.

Hope you like the photos!


  1. Love the photos! We keep hoping to find a grass snake in our garden, but no luck yet. Lots of frogs in the long grass though, and the sticklebacks in our pond have produced babies again – about thirty of them, each less than a centimetre long.

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