Bee-have yourselves!


P1020878A great swarm descended on the garden two days ago – the air was alive with the noise of thousands of bees until they eventually settled on a fence post, in two distinct clusters. They may have come from our hive, where there is still lots of activity, or could have been from another part of the village. This is the third swarm we have seen in the last three years or so and I’ve heard reports of several others.

It bucketed down all yesterday – so full marks to Mark who braved the weather to gather up as many as possible in order to transfer them to a hive up on Edge Hill. I heard him squeal once or twice when a bee got underneath his protective clothing! It’s impossible to collect them all and this evening there were still to or three hundred stagglers by the bottom of the post .

The photos hopefully show the scale of the swarm and how the bees seek safety in numbers before they continue in search of a new home.


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