An oboe in the orchestra

There are always plenty of wood pigeons in Kineton and their deep coo-coo-coo sometimes reminds me of an oboe at the back of an orchestra. Whilst other birds sing and chirp into a crescendo of noise, the wood pigeon sits back and plays low melodic music at timings entirely to suit itself. They tend to be dismissed as “just another pigeon”, but take a closer look at their beautiful plumage – if they weren’t so common we would probably regard them as a bit special. And their acrobatics can be worth watching too.

Look out for their last year’s nests before any fresh leaves emerge – it’s usually a messy pile of twigs and sticks in the fork of a tree or, in our case, tucked away in a dense clematis. I’ve even seen them nesting on top of the gateposts at Wroxton Abbey (on the way to Banbury) so they are quite adaptable!


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