On the beech

P1020475P1020477The largest known beech tree in Warwickshire collapsed in the recent gales. This grew near Kineton, along the top of Edge Hill at the south end of the allotments and had a girth measuring 6.55 metres. A substantial branch fell a couple of years back, but this is much more impressive – the main trunks have fallen westwards, bringing down other small trees in the process and instantly rearranging this part of the woodland. The inside of the bole looks damp and very hollow so it really was an accident waiting to happen! The earlier collapse fell the other way – onto one of the allotment huts… but at least the owner gathered up a “shed load” of timber…
The big branches can easily be clambered over – in fact you have to since it is completely blocking the main path along the top of the scarp.


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