Barwood and Bloor – consultation meeting- Southam Road housing

Attended the consultation meeting held by Bloor Homes at The Swan earlier this evening and there seemed to be a reasonable throughput of local people. Barwood – surprise, surprise – have now sold the housing site on (to Bloor Homes) and the latest plans, drafted to indicate reserved matters re: landscaping, house styles, etc, were on show.

The general layout seems to have changed very little but they had deliberately not shown the wider masterplan which would have included the open space, allotments, wildlife areas and the proposed commercial/employment units. When pressed on this their reps alarmingly explained these areas were “up for review” and were still owned by Barwood (Bloor have simply aquired the area allocated for housing at outline planning stage). No doubt Barwood will sell the commercial area to another developer and, having made their killing, will then negotiate with a sit-on-the-fence District Council for revised, watered-down plans for the open space and landscape.

Or maybe push for additional development? It seemed bizarre that a full masterplan could not be presented to the village tonight – one that shows the context and relationship of proposed housing to proposed landscape and wildlife, regardless of the fact that the site now has two owner/developers… but note they are both using the same planning consultants, who surely could have banged heads together to ensure we were presented with the latest thinking for the whole site?

Oh, I nearly forgot – the proposed architectural elevations could have come from an estate in Birmingham or Brighton. Why do they insist on telling us that the development will be carefully designed to reflect Kineton’s built heritage?


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