And now there’s one in the garden!

Muntjac in the garden! Just tidying away some old bricks in a hidden corner when I heard a loud clattering against the fence – thought it was someone throwing rubbish or maybe a vandal having a go at the timber panels… Crept round the corner and there was a muntjac in a serious state of panic – its nervous energy enabled it to leap to the top of the two metre fence, though it couldn’t quite make it over and each time dropped down amidst dead branches and an old spiky Christmas tree. It then found its way under the lime trees and raced like a springbok, back and forth, before holing up beneath some leylandii. We watched each other for a few minutes and it often disappeared into the shadows before emerging to eventually find a way out and, presumably, finding its way back to the old railway cutting. Didn’t know they could run so fast and it also tried to leap a two metre brick wall from a standing start! Hope it has now got its breath back.


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