Beautiful demoiselle

Spotted by the River Dene bridge to Big Field:

Beautiful Demoiselle

A male Beautiful Demoiselle, Calpteryx virgo

I heard what I strongly suspect was a Raven, at the top of a tree by the River Dene. Apparently they have been recorded in Leamington, so it’s not impossible, and there has been another possible record in Kineton – so watch out for them, and let us know if you spot one! Another Red Kite was spotted overhead today – large raptor with a forked tail. Other birds around include a good flock of Swifts screaming over the village, and some House Martins hunting over the barley near the concrete bridge over the Dene along Banbury Road.  There are also skylarks over the fields around Red Road.

And at the other extreme of size, here is a pair of Woundwort Shieldbugs. They are about 6mm long, and have shiny patches like burnished metal. They seem very happy in a small patch of Hedge Woundwort in the garden. We let it grow, even though it’s not particularly a garden plant, because the bees really like the flowers.

Woundwort Shieldbugs

Woundwort Shieldbugs – mating pair

I saw the first grasshoppers yesterday, in long grass in our garden – I haven’t identified them though, as they are still very small – not yet adult ones.

young grasshopper

Young grasshopper

This has been identified though – a Lesser Diving Beetle, Acilius sulcatus They have colonised our new pond within a matter of weeks. There are also a number of larvae, so maybe they came in with the pond plants we bought, as I’m pretty sure they haven’t had time to develop from eggs.

Lesser Diving Beetle

Lesser Diving Beetle, Acilius sulcatus

On another blog, I sometimes use the ‘Daily Prompt’ – and today’s is The Natural World. There’s plenty of inspiration out there, just go and look!


  1. Roger said:

    Great photo of the grasshopper!
    I thought I saw a raven three or four years ago but wasn’t sure – maybe they are just spreading into the areas around Kineton like the red kites.

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