It must be something to do with the bee hive… because there’s now a bee orchid growing in the gravel on the drive!!

Spotted early this morning – it’s only three inches high but the unmistakeable flowers are there, though the leaves are looking a bit dodgy. How did it arrive? Where did the seed come from? How long has it taken to struggle its way through the compact gravel? Extraordinary!

And to think we drove 40 miles into the Cotswolds to look (unsuccessfully) for bee orchids at Leckhampton Common last weekend!!

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  1. Well there were a few on the primary school site last year, and maybe again this year too. I don’t know of any others in the village though – how lovely to have some in your drive!

    The site along Lighthorne Road, just below the egg farm turnoff, where there were Common Spotted Orchids last year, doesn’t have any this year, sadly. I think it may be because the verge wasn’t mown in the autumn, and instead of shorter wild flowers, this year it is mostly nettles and coarse grasses. Rather a pity.

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