The bees are back in town

Mark brought a huge swarm down from his allotment yesterday and they were quickly installed in the bee hive. Hoping they will settle in and produce some honey (unlike last year!). As we carefully encouraged them into the hive we spotted a bumblebee colony making full use of the adjacent sparrow nest box up above our heads – and then one landed on my shoulder allowing identification – a tree bumblebee, first found in the UK only in 2001, but now widespread and it often prefers to live in nest boxes well above the ground. It came with a glorious ginger brown thorax, black abdomen and white tail. To learn more about the range of species in the UK and why we all need to look after them visit the website

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  1. Another good bumble bee website is BeeWatch –

    You can upload bumble bee pictures and get help with identifying them. It is much easier than going through a book, because it automatically eliminates unlikely species when you fill in details of the coloured bands you can see.

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