Latest in Kineton!

16th June 2012: Yesterday I saw yellow wagtails and was 10 feet from a young hare.  John R

19th June 2012: Baby nuthatch by the back door, hedgehog at the front door!  Roger B

19th June 2012: Young fox crossed the road in front of me on the Lighthorne Road on my way to work yesterday.  Heard skylarks and yellowhammer in the fields between Lighthorne Road and Compton Verney today, and saw Brimstone butterfly and quite a few Burnet Companion moths, but no Burnets other than one caterpillar and a load of pupae on grasses.  Compton Verney meadow is beginning to flower now – loads of clover (white and red) which smells wonderful, and plenty of other pea family flowers too: Common Vetch, Hairy Tare, Smooth Tare, Lesser Trefoil and the loveliest one: Grass Vetchling – leaves like grass and shocking pink flowers – a ‘Warwickshire Notable’ species.  Well worth seeing.  Di N


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