Workparty at Kineton Community Orchard site

Come and muck in with something practical!

If you would like to join the Community Orchard group in tidying up the site next Friday evening, 8th June, about 7pm, you would be really welcome. The poppies are just about flowering now, but there is a vast amount of cleavers/goosegrass/sticky-weed growing very rampantly close up to the young trees.


It’s usually easy to pull up, but we’d recommend wearing long sleeves, covered legs and probably gloves, to avoid ending up with itchy fingers. A small hand fork might be useful – possibly shears if you want.

Just in case you’re not sure where it is – Kineton Community Orchard is at the far end of the football pitches behind the Kineton Sports and Social Clubhouse. You can usually hear skylarks singing nearby – a lovely way to spend a Friday evening!

Thank you if you can make it – we look forward to seeing you there.

Then on Saturday 9th June, the next day, at 2pm, join us for our Wildflower and Butterfly Walk – for more details see Events list.

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