Snakes in the grass! and butterflies in the air

Baby grass snake in the garden, looked just a few days old so they should be out and about in this warmer weather.
If any one passes through Lighthorne… look in the old red phone box. I came across this the other day – it has been converted into a village wildlife centre, and inside it is plastered with info, photos, posters, etc. And a monthly wildlife bulletin is pinned up there too!
Butterflies in the air
As it was sunny and warm, on my way home from work, I went for a walk by the River Leam (not quite Kineton, I know) and saw Orange-tips, Brimstones, Holly Blues, two Commas and a Peacock butterfly.  And some white ones that wouldn’t sit still to be identified.
So when I got home I checked the Lady’s Smock plants in our garden, and found two Orange-tip butterfly eggs already turned orange (they are about 1mm long, but very distinctive once you’ve found one).  (Records put online on the Butterfly Conservation website.)
I’ve also seen swifts over Kineton several times this week.

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